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An amazing moment

I had been wanting a spot to go and be alone with God for a while.  One day in June, shortly after my end of year show, I found a secluded spot in the woods that I could get to via a path that has been made in recent years. I started going every day, and then one day in September something amazing happened.

But let  me back up a minute...
Over the last few years I have been asked many times if I remember anything from the time I was dead during my trauma. I had always answered "no," because who remembers something that happened when they were 14 months old.

On this particular day in September, at my special spot, during my special time with God, the sky was a brilliant blue, the air was warm, and the trees were just starting to turn to their fall colours.There's a pine tree close to a lake and from my perspective it seemed taller than the other trees around. I looked up at this tree as I sat and prayed.

That's when the amazing thing happened. The tre…

A new beginning part 2

Have you ever had ideas of thing you want to do 5, 10, 15 years down the road? Have you ever sat down and written those goals out to refer back to at a later date?

This journey I'm setting out on called Lifetime Networks has made me start to think about what want to pursue in life and list the goals I have for my life.


A trip of a lifetime

I get asked a lot what I did over the summer. A lot of people react with surprise when I tell that we spent a week in Kentucky. So, why did we choose this former slave state in the middle of the U. S? I mean, come on, Kentucky's not exactly famous for anything, or is it?

It all started when a good friend of my mother's visited The Creation Museum with her family a few years ago. Built by Answers in Genesis, an apologetic ministry; the Creation Museum brings the gospel to life as people walk though the Bible beginning with Genesis 1:1. Complete with a planetarium, and beautiful outdoor gardens, the Creation Museum is definitely something you want on your bucket list!!

The museum goes though the 7 C's as pictured above. I was impressed with the signage. They were both easy to read and thought provoking. Though this museum and other YouTube videos Mom and I have watched since getting back, I have come to realize it takes just as much faith to believe in Evolution as it does…