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Lessons hidden in Puppy

"Man's best friend." To be honest I never really understood that saying....until Cyrus came along!
I believe Cyrus is a gift to me and my family.

But I wonder if God had more than one reason in mind when He created dogs. I wonder if dogs can teach their owners things just by being the dog God created them to be.

My Cyrus is so happy. He was described to me as "happy go lucky" before I even met him the for the first time!!! And that is truly who he is. He always obeys with a wagging tail and perky, happy ears. He's always CONTENT.
I know I'm not always like that. I have my moments of frustration, my moments of anger... But the truth is, that's not healthy. It's not healthy physically and it's not healthy spiritually. I want to be content like my Cyrus. I want to look at each new day the way he does, as an adventure!!

Eyes can tell a lot. Whether they're the eyes of a human, or the eyes of a dog. Eyes do
communicate. I look into Cyrus…

Joy and excitement in little things

Thursday was FUN!!!

First, Cyrus and I went to pick up my new braces. I had braces before with a negative experience but at the reccommendation of my physiotherapist we are trying again. One of the differences with these braces verus the old ones was that they are built up at the heel. If we can make them comfy, they will make transfers easier on my caregivers and the people at work who help me in and out of my chair, because these braces actually have grown me a few inches!! This is very exciting!!
Then, my trainer for Cyrus came out to the house. We asked the center, two months ago for a new Halti, (the thing around his nose) as the one I had been using was wearing out. The one she brought out yesterday, at first glance appeared the same as the other one, but when I  put it on him yesterday it appeared to fit him better and wasn't as flimsy. This discovery was, for me as a dog owner, very exciting.

One of the many things that was said to me during my three week training period w…

Why "Choreographer's Cuisine?"

Why dance?
 Dance is everywhere in Scripture. In Psalms 150 it tells us to "...Praise Him with harp and lyre. Praise Him with timbrel and dancing..."
For me dance has always been a very important part of life. I believe dance was engrained into my very being by my grandfather, who, I'm told danced me for hours around the living room when I was a baby trying to get me to sleep. (I'm told I was a hard baby to get to sleep!)
As I have gotten older dance has inspired me and has become a way of expression when I can't find the words. I have also tried other art forms, but dance and poetry are my two favourites.
As I am learning the art of choreography this year from my bosses, I am recognizing that my life has been choreographed by the Great Choreographer, Jesus Christ. Every person who has come into my life, every situation I have found myself in, even my trauma, was choreographed into my life. And He's not done choreographing yet!!
I've been told  by a fe…