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Merry Christmas

I have been thinking a lot about Christmas over the last few years. Now before you read further, I need you to know I love Christmas. I love the decorations, the trees, the garlands, the lights, I love the excitement that fills the house Christmas morning and watching my family open their gifts.

As I get older however, I've come to realize that Christmas goes far beyond these things. As a child I had a book called The Legend Of The Christmas Tree. Inthis story, a Dad is frustrated with Christmas, just wanting the true meaning of the holiday; not all the add-ons. The family tradition is to go get a tree at a tree farm. While at the farm, the tree farmer tells them The Legend Of The Christmas Tree. 

The Christmas tree has tree points (most real ones anyway) this symbolizes the Trinity -Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Evergreens were chosen to symbolize the unchangingness of God. The lights get strung around the tree and now-a-days outside to symbolize that Jesus came into this dark w…