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The Candy Cane

As I often do at this time of the year, I've been thinking a lot about Christmas. Like usual though, my thought have been taking a specific path.  The Candy Cane.

When I was little I had a book called The Legend of the Candy Cane. I don't really remember the book too well and actually don't think I liked it very much. However, I do remember a few things.

 The candy cane is shaped in a very special way. One way it looks like a shepherds staff, symbolizing the shepherds who came at the angel's word to see Him. Now flip your candy cane around. It's now the capitol letter "J" standing for Jesus who is what Christmas is all about.  (and is also called the Good Shepherd)

Now-a-days people have made different looking candy canes, but the traditional ones are red and white. This symbolizes the sacrifice Jesus made for us. The red symbolizes His blood and the white our purity after we accept Him. His blood washes us white as snow.

At Christmas, I like to not only…