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Mixed feelings

As most of you know, we are leaving for Kentucky today! I am so excited to go and see everything. I love traveling to new  places and seeing new sites. Mom's got quite the itinerary planned.

However, traveling with Puppy doesn't go so well. He hates the car, hotels are a pain, it'll be hot (42 degrees C.)  I dropped him off at the sitters last night. They've looked after him before so it was encouraging to see him run to where they keep his water dish; unfortunately it wasn't down yet! Leaving him was easier than I thought it would be.

I missed him most in bed last night. My legs are used to having him against them so were rather jumpy last night. I didn't get much sleep. Oh well I can rest in the car, I probably won't sleep but you never know.

Time is ticking. It's almost time to go on another adventure. I will miss my baby boy, I feel like I'm missing my right arm or something without him. But I will have a good time and he'll have a good time…