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A gift

When I, along with four of my colleagues were chosen to dance at the opening ceremonies of the National Arts Center on Canada Day, I had no idea what a gift and declaration He would give to me
We were told that we were one of four groups to perform and that it was a five minute show. Each group was given one minute and then all fifteen of us would come together for the last minute. Dakhká Khwáan (pronounced - Dakka Khan) an indigenous drum and dance group was tasked with choreographing this final minute. We all met on Friday June 30. This was the day to show each other our group's choreographies and to choreograph the ending all together. 
In their culture, the indigenous women are not allowed to teach the men dance and vice versa, so we divided up. The women started by telling us that in their culture, the men are regarded as protectors, and that they are regarded as princesses. My heart jumped at this as I believe that I am a princess; a daughter of the King of kings.   
The ch…