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A new begining part 1

A lot of people view September as a new season of life or a new beginning. It's the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year for children. Others look at the New Year as that new beginning, setting New Year's Resolutions. but a new season or a new beginning can start anytime of the year.

Yesterday was one of those new beginnings for me. Awhile back I was at a fundraiser for an organization called Citizen Advocacy. While there, I heard  amazing testimony from a young man about a part of the organization called Lifetime Networks. I had heard of Lifetime Networks through one of my colleagues but had dismissed it thinking it was there to help a person with a disability move out of home and live on their own. I don't want that at this  stage of my life.

At the fundraiser the testimony was from a young man just like me. He didn't want to move out but he realized his mom couldn't be his full time caretaker anymore. Despite the fact that this young man had a d…


Mom, Anna-Lee and I used this video as a devotional the other day.  It is the philosophy of an Irish music group called Rend Collective.

I couldn't do it justice so turn your speakers on and put it to full screen and have a listen.