Beginning anew

Hello Followers, family and friends

I have been blogging for quite some time now, and while I dearly love this quiet little blog, I felt it was time to start something fresh and new.

I've finally decided to listen to the people in my life who've told me I'm a good writer and actually see where it can take me. So, if I'm going to be a writer and maybe someday publish books, articles and poems, I need what's called a platform.

The term platform to a writer is the places you can be read from. You need a few good platforms to get the multitude of readers you need to get published Publishers and agents don't really care that you're a good writer if no one is going to read your book if they publish you.

So I made the very difficult decision to launch a new blog for a few different reasons.

My new blog is with Wordpress. this means it is easier to find. So more people will see it when they google certain things.It's easier to track followers. It can be more profess…

My life with new puppy

You Really Want To Know?
Talk faster, use more words Sound excited, give more praise  Rules and methods Do’s and don'ts I think I’m in a constant daze
Tangled legs in her leash The “help” command - no clue She will get it This I know For it’s still so new She just used the litter box!  The cat is not impressed  She’ll step right up But turns away
 When slipping on her vest
French and Engl

Week 1!!

Well the long and agonizing wait is over!!! Canadian Guide Dogs started me on my 3 week training program with my new assistance dog on Monday August 13!! 

I just completed my first week and am onto my second. I think I had forgotten how hard this process is. Electra is adorable and melted my heart from the first moment I laid eyes on her, but she's having to transfer her affections, her obedience and herself from the trainer who has had her for about a year, to me, a total stranger.

There have been moments of joy and laughter as she's obeyed me without the trainer here, but there have also been moments of tears and frustration and moments I have wanted to quit and give her back and get on with life and be with Cyrus.

But my love for her has won out every time and now at the beginning of my second week of training I can see the bond is already strong. She loves me, and I love her. She's my girl.

 While I was in tears of exhaustion and absolute fatigue from the emotion and …

Something new and something good

My sister introduced us to a Bible App called YouVersion about a month ago.  this App is wonderful for a few reasons 
Plans - there are hundreds of devotional plans you can do for literally every season of life. These plans are written very insightfully and are filled with scripture. I just finished one recently on the book of Ruth. I had never though about this beautiful book as being something more than a story (history). This study related the kinsman-redeemer (Boaz) to our Redeemer (Jesus - who came from that line) The community - this app is set up so you can do plans with friends and family members. It has been so much fun doing plans together as a family. It is often hard to get us all together to read and discuss the Bible and also some of us (me) write better than we talk. YouVersion has room to write thoughts or questions and to have a discussion about the study. It's very community based. Portability - This has …