Something new and something good

My sister introduced us to a Bible App called YouVersion about a month ago.  this App is wonderful for a few reasons 
Plans - there are hundreds of devotional plans you can do for literally every season of life. These plans are written very insightfully and are filled with scripture. I just finished one recently on the book of Ruth. I had never though about this beautiful book as being something more than a story (history). This study related the kinsman-redeemer (Boaz) to our Redeemer (Jesus - who came from that line) The community - this app is set up so you can do plans with friends and family members. It has been so much fun doing plans together as a family. It is often hard to get us all together to read and discuss the Bible and also some of us (me) write better than we talk. YouVersion has room to write thoughts or questions and to have a discussion about the study. It's very community based. Portability - This has …

Life 05

This month has been very exciting and full.
My writing lessons started at the beginning of June. They're better than I could've ever imagined. I am learning about characters, and plots, and story structure. The best part of this is that by the end of the summer I will have a short story that's ready for publication!!  I am having fun and am excited to have a story in my hands. When it's done, it will be the first creative writing project I've finished since my high school.
When I'm not writing, I'm still dancing. The company filmed one of our repertoire pieces last week. We all worked really hard and had so much fun to remounting this piece we did about 3 years ago. There were some changes to the cast, however we did our best to keep the piece the same. I feel very proud after the week this week of all the work the company has done and how we all rose to the challenges that seem to always come up in process. 
Also, on the work front, there are two more wor…

Life 04

"There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1.

This past month has been the month of new beginnings. After 9 years of learning and growing, Cyrus and I said our goodbyes to our friends at the French school I have been going to for the last nine years. While I still have a great love for the language and have no intent of losing all I've learned. This decision has freed up more time for writing and as a result I did my first ever guest post on a writing acquaintance's blog just last week. I'm also eagerly awaiting the start of writing lessons staring this Monday. Stay tuned for more about that soon!!!

God has also blessed us with a new Lifetime Network Facilitator (or Community Connector as they are now called) I am tremendously excited about this and I feel that this lady is the perfect fit for both me and my family at this time in our lives. Among many other things she'll be helping us build a…

"Do you trust me?"

I really like the movie Aladdin. One of the most poignant lines in the movie is "Do you trust me?" This line, spoken by Aladdin himself, comes up twice in the movie. Once at the beginning in his humble dwelling and once more about half way through when Aladdin is at the palace offering a Magic Carpet ride.

Now what does Aladdin have to do with God?

Research by Thomas Pierre Verduyn author of "The Former Things  - A summary of world history"  has shown that the Bible is 42 percent history and 22 percent prophecy (the other 36 percent he accounted as "other" but it would fall under the category of wisdom/poetry/teaching). In order for the Bible to contain that much history, or as some like to call it, His Story, it must be really, really important to God.