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The Word.

I don't usually look forward to vacation...except if I’m going somewhere new, like our trip to Kentucky last year, or our trip out East. But I am excited about my vacation this year.
This year, I’m spending a week at a Creation Ministries Conference. I'm not sure what it'll look like exactly but I'm excited for it.
When we went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky last year, I felt an excitement for the Word of God I have never felt before. I think this is because it was in my face all day every day. We talked about it at breakfast, we saw the evidence and history of it and teachings of it throughout the day at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, and we discussed His Word at dinner and before bed. I woke up thinking of Him!  It was like Deuteronomy 6:9 acted out! I came away with a new confidence in God and ability to stand on His Word because of this.
On the other hand, I also came away with a new sadness. It is a sadness for fellow Christians who are not able to belie…

Writer's block

Last time I posted I talked about a new endeavor I'm on called YWW. If you haven't read that post yet, go read it then come back here.

For the most part this journey has been really encouraging and inspiring. As I mentioned in the last post, I'm at the beginning stages of a book idea that was inspired by the YWW and my job.

I have been taught to begin any major writing project by creating an outline to follow and to keep my focus on what I'm trying to say. This part was fairly easy and soon I had what I thought was a good outline. I started writing

But now all of a sudden my outline doesn't make sense. The order seems out of whack, the flow of chapters in my mind is blocked somehow.

My book idea is a devotional for young people in a secular work environment. Being in that place myself I know first hand the joys and heartache of this kind of job. I feel God has not only called me there to shine in the darkness around me but possibly to write to bring encouragement a…