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A choreographer's story

I recently choreographed my very first dance. I'll admit to feeling overwhelmed  at times during the process, but I persevered.

 I always knew I loved dance and choreography but as I choreographed this dance, something happened. As I told my colleagues a few weeks after the show, I don't think I've ever had so many emotional moments  in a year as I've had during this process. Why? I think it's because it was a real subject for many including myself. 

As the choreographer, I was faced with some tough choices. Did I want to dance in it too? How vulnerable was I comfortable going? What did I want for music and which of Propeller's five musicians would be the best to give me what my dance needed?

The question of whether or not to dance my choreography was probably the easiest one to answer. I decided to be in my piece for two reasons. First I COULD! God created my brain to be able to flip. This means I can be in a dance, while at the same time I'm watching t…