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Liebster Bloggers Award

I was reading a blog post of one of the very few blogs I follow. As I neared the end of it I  was surprised to find my name as a nominee for this award. This award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers and is designed to help them get more followers. In addition to answering the 11 questions my nominator asked and providing 11 facts about myself I will be nominating up to 11 other bloggers for this award. So here goes!!

What is your least favourite food? I know,  I know. I'm a strange duck but I hate cheese. I like it on pizza, lasagna though

2.    How do you find inspiration for your blogs? 

I usually blog about my life, and/or what God is teaching me. Sometimes the two go hand in hand 

3.  What is your favourite unusual word?

This would have to be fantabulous!! Isn't it just the funnest word EVER!?

     4.     Cake or ice cream?


        5.   What’s your favourite colour?


         6.  Who’s your favourite actor or actress?

Can I have two? I really lik…