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An experience part one

"You are good, and what You do is good..."
Psalm 119:68a

Starting Monday, December 1, I began my journey though my dyslexia.  I'm not sure what I expected but I know that whatever it was that I was expecting, it wasn't what happened.

Carl and I started our day with a similar exercise to the one he'd done with me at my assessment back in July; the "close your eyes and imagine a piece of cake" one!!! This time, however, it went a step further. When I had my cake, he told me to put my mind's eye (visual perspective) in my finger and look at my cake from my finger's position...just like before. Then, he took my finger and moved it to a spot behind and slightly above my head. He told me to look at my cake from there.

After I could see my cake from this bizarre new spot, he told me to erase my cake and imagine stings, one from each ear, and one from the middle of my head coming together in a point above and behind my ponytail. He told me to zoom in o…