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Bruised, Battered and Bitten!

Yesterday, my worker and I did something I haven't done in ten or twelve years. We went for a bike ride!!

My parents bought me a bike when I was about six and when I outgrew that one...they bought me another. These bikes are different than your typical bike. Having the challenges I do, I can't ride a regular bike, I  ride something called a recumbent bike.

Because I haven't ridden the bike is ten or twelve years we weren't actually sure a. if I could actually do it and b. if it would be in good enough working condition to even try. Dad had to put air in the tires and while he was doing that he noticed that the peddles were broken. The straps that hold my feet were still there though, and my adventurous worker agreed to give it a try.

After a quick training session on the bike (there really isn't much to learn, it's pretty simple) we started off down the driveway and turned left. I had forgotten that my street has a slight incline to it. So after my foot slipped…


This video is something a friend sent me a few years back. It has always inspired I share it with you so this amazing story can inspire you.

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Mixed feelings

Six amazing years ago Cyrus came into our family. I had never truly understood a dog's love before I met him. Now I do. Cyrus gives me so much. He's there if I need a cuddle, he'll nose me when we're in bed at night, he's always ready to help me when I need it. But, he's getting old.

I had a meeting with a trainer from Canadian Guide Dogs back in July. One of the things she said was that in order for it to work with getting another service dog, I must hand my precious Cyrus to another member of my family, give up all claim to him and totally focus all my attention on the new little one.

On one hand I'm excited. I want another service dog to take out with me, to have when our Cyrus dies. On the other hand I don't think I can bring myself to give him up...even to my sister. I know he'd still be in the house, I'd still see him, get to pet him, play with him, walk him on occasion, be with him. The thought of not having him there all the time though…