My Mom has been going around singing a song we sang at church last Sunday called Potter’s Hands.  It’s a gorgeous song of surrender so I wasn’t too alarmed when, now almost a week later I can’t seem to get the song out of my head either! 

Then the urge struck to sing it from God’s perspective. Not sure how this would work, I started working my way through the song and found it’s just as powerful this way. 

Pronouns get changed.

Instead of me telling Him what to do with me, it becomes He's telling me what He will do for me.

Here’s an example just with the chorus…

Real Chorus by Darlene Zschech

Take me, Mold me, use me, fill me
I give my life to the Potter's hand
Call me, guide me, lead me, walk beside me
I give my life to the Potter's hand

New Chorus

I’ll take you, Mold you, use you, fill you
As you give your life into the Potter's hand
I'll call you, guide you, lead you, walk beside you
As you give your life into the Potter's hand

The verses are just as powerful. Here is one line.

Teach me dear Lord to live all of my life through your eyes

Singing it from God's perspective (I will teach you My child to live all of your life through My eyes) revealed to me that this is His desire. He wants to “take us & mold us...” as the song says. He desires for us to “live all of our lives through His eyes” not our own.

Sometimes it isn't easy to see though God's eyes. Sometimes He may show us things that we'd rather not see. When we look through His eyes and allow Him to speak to us along the way, and to mold us into willing vessels ready to not only see through His eyes but to act from His heart we expeirience a change. Not an outward change but an inward one.  Our outlook becomes more like Jesus and things that bothered us will all of a sudden not bother us as much or at all.

This has become my prayer. That I would see each person, each circumstance, through His eyes and not my own because my view of people and circumstances is warped. But when I look through God’s eyes at that person, suddenly I see the person as a lost lamb and my heart fills with compassion to help them; or when I look at that circumstance through His eyes, suddenly it doesn’t seem as overwhelming anymore.


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