Life 02

Well here we are at the end of March. Time has flown, so I must have had fun!

 Though for much of March I have been on half days as The GCTC or Great Canadian Theater Company hasn't been available. When this happens we rehearse in community centers. The last two weeks of work we have been back to GCTC with a phenomenal array of morning classes; including one taught by one of our musicians on musicality. We had so much fun clapping, stomping, walking and wheeling different beats that we were surprised when we checked our clocks and found we were actually a couple minutes over time. We felt like we'd just started!!

I'm also preparing for our end-of-year showcase with the classes I teach. We had to close the young children's class due to dwindling numbers, but our older children will perform as well as the youth class. My kids have had fun learning and dancing different kinds of weather and space objects. My co-teacher and i like to joke that we've taught a geology class and combined it with dance; and  really that is what we did!!! We start with asteroids that we had to come up with a way to describe to kids. My co-teacher came up with the name space potatoes and it stuck. We had another good laugh as, when asked what music to create our musician came up with a waltz! We enter as waltzing space-potato meters!! That's just one example of the antics we teachers use to create dance!!

We have also started the process of getting a new service dog to take over Cyrus's duties as he'll be retired in the summer. (He will stay with us though) I met with the trainer and she's now looking for the best fit for me. Once the dog is found, she'll train the dog specifically for my needs then I will train with the dog.

As always I try to live a life “worthy of our calling” Ephesians 1:4 This is definitely easier said than done and sadly I feel I've missed the mark a few times this month. It is however comforting to know that even if I miss the mark, that God is gracious and forgiving and He'll  pick me up and we'll try again.


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