Jiminy Crickets 1

The inspiration behind this post may seem a little strange. My mother likes to sing. Most of her songs are worship, but every now and then she'll sing a song that makes us pucker our brows and giggle. This time her song was about Jiminy Cricket. Jiminy Cricket was Pinocchio's conscience.

As I look around me in this period of time that we live in, I'm saddened because it seems to me like most of the Jiminy Crickets are fast asleep or are numbed. Jiminy's mouth has been shut or he's been thrown into the deepest darkest dungeon never  to be seen or heard from again.

When we do these things to poor little Jiminy Cricket we suffer. You see, our Jiminy Cricket is a gift. A gift given to us by the One who made us. It's time to honour our Jiminy Crickets, and to get them out of jail, or wake them up or de-numb them, but we can't do this alone.

I had a discussion with Mom about this very thing recently. She reminded me that it's not up to me to awaken little Jiminy in the people I love; it's God's job. And she also reminded me that even though it looks hopeless it's not too late until death's door opens.

So if there's someone you love, someone who you think may have a sleeping Jiminy Cricket somewhere deep inside; pray. Pray that God would, by the power of His Spirit, awaken precious little Jiminy Cricket (our conscience) so he can start chirping again. 


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